Posted by: Great Lakes Bio Systems | May 9, 2012

What Factors Diminish Water Quality in Lakes and Ponds?

There are a number of contributing factors to water clarity problems. Perhaps the most notable clarity issue that people are going to encounter is algae. Algae can become a particularly bad problem in lakes and ponds. Algae are a simple form of plant life that makes the water green and slimy. The reason why algae become established is that the water in ponds is nutrient-rich. In particular, there is a steady supply of phosphorous which can cause algae to thrive.

organic matter will cause water clarity problems. As it breaks down, it will lead to microscopic particle issues and contribute to sludge on the bottom of the lake or pond. Whenever this sludge is disturbed, water clarity will be affected. If fish are present then they will be a significant source of organic contaminants. Fish wastes represent a problem of their own and can lead to a high pH which in turn can be a water clarity problem.

Aside from fish, oils, fertilizers, dust, soil and many other undesirable products find their way into lakes and ponds. These introduce a range of nutrients to the water that can lead to significant problems with algae and on their own, have negative effects on water quality.

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