Posted by: Great Lakes Bio Systems | May 9, 2012

Ecologically and Biologically Friendly Solutions to Water Clarity

If it is accepted that harsh chemical products are likely to create more problems than they alleviate in the lake or pond, it follows naturally that biologically friendly alternatives are the only option. There are essentially two types of product that can be used to deal with water clarity problems without killing the water.

Enzymes are complex chains of amino acids, proteins that have the ability to react with certain substrates in the water and alter them on a molecular level. Enzymes are catalysts that speed up reactions that can occur naturally. Enzymes are particularly useful in delicate environments because they have extremely targeted effects. Of the more than four thousand enzymes in existence, each will react with only a single type of substrate. The right combination of enzymes will be able to tackle the most common causes of water problems. The drawback to enzymes is that they are chemical in nature. They are not harmful to the water and they are ecologically sound. The trouble is that they will not renew themselves. If enzymes are being used then they will need to be reapplied on a regular basis. The advantage is that they are fast acting and will start reacting with pollutants from the moment they are introduced into the water table.

Certain bacteria will actively feed on some contaminants. Bacteria are alive and able to reproduce. The bacteria that are used in Orb-3 ®Lake and Pond products will aid the enzymes in eliminating contaminants that lead to water quality problems. The drawback to bacteria is that they require time to become established. Once they have become established, however, they can achieve powerful effects. Furthermore, they produce enzymes of their own that can help to condition the water.

A combination of enzymes and bacteria is the best option for treating lakes and ponds. Enzymes will immediately begin reacting with contaminants while the bacteria will slowly multiply until they are able to provide a sustained resistance.

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